ul. Sosnowa 7
44-203 Rybnik

Welcome in Oboya Horticulture Poland

Keeping in mind beginnings of our company in Rybnik, apart from obvious sentiment, there is a huge satisfaction from what has been done. The biggest reason to be proud is a constant staff of employees who from the beginning with the same enthusiasm improve the structure, processes, quality and customer service. Having such facilities in this short time, we managed to accumulate a very large number of customers. Our sleeves and other products can be found in Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, France, Ukraine, Hungary and Lithuania. Customers appreciate our work, offer, open mind thinking, flexibility and, above all, the fact of skilful prediction of their packaging needs. Having us as their business partner, customers place their orders in Oboya, so then they can take care of the cultivation of herbs, vegetables our flowers, knowing that of everything that complements their hard work will be well cared by us - the Oboya team.